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I began my Democratic life of service in Washington D.C and continued

here Georgia in what is now the 91s House district of Georgia where the immediate past Representative, Pamela Stephenson served since 2003.  

I worked alongside her helping her to become elected, time and again. ‘Positively Pam’ made a difference in this HD and the people have agreed until her resignation in 2020. As the HD chair, I worked to bring the concerns of the people to our legislators and helped to find solutions. Pam has supported me at every turn and bestowed upon me, an official *Resolution - Georgia of House Representatives for #HD92 citing the good works I have fostered district-wide.  

 Today, as your Representative, I am perfectly positioned,  honored, and humbled to continue in the role of your

State Representative!






Angela was born in Washington, DC,  from a proud USA Military family, she attended the University of the District of Columbia where she majored in Biology.  She went on to pursue a career in medicine, dedicating her life work to Women's healthcare.


Angela moved to Georgia in the early 90's seeking better opportunities for her children. Her strong southern FAMILY roots serve as her grounding board.


Angela attended Georgia Tech's School of Business program where she learned the “Business of Businesses” and made the audacious career move to become an award-winning international Publicist in her own celebrated Public Relations firm.

Following her passion as a recipe developer in the foodie arts, Angela opened a culinary arts school; Angie Mamma's Kitchen, in Atlanta, Georgia. 


Angela has been a small business owner for the past 27 years and

is customer,-community service, and detail-oriented.


"As a mother, entrepreneur, political and social advocate, Angela possesses those qualities of persuasiveness, community consciousness, flexibility, decision making, inclusiveness, tenacity, and an ability to initiate change, all required to successfully facilitate the role of State Representative." 


Angela is a former Georgia foster parent where children who have come from all over the State affectionately call her "Mzz. ANGELA” which she touts with glee and pride. Her natural love & concern for children's welfare led to the formation of the "Betwixt N Between" Foundation. The foundation provides donations to children who are in between state foster home care and awaiting adoption.


In 2019, Angela formed the 'Colour Purple Foundation' which helps to subsidize the last wishes of terminally ill cancer patients after the passing of her baby sister who succumbed to Gallbladder Cancer leaving her 3 minor children in Angela's care.


After the passing of her sister in 2018, Angela wanted to stay in the realm of people's happiest moments and joined the AMERICAN MARRIAGE MINISTRIES in 2021 where she is an ordained Wedding Officiant in good standing.

In this, she shares very joyous times with couples of all beliefs and faiths.


  • On June 5th, 2023, Angela was recognized by United States President Joe Biden with the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for her thousands of hours of Volunteerism in her communities and around the world. 

  • State of Georgia Goodwill Ambassador- Georgia Sec. of State 

  • Exemplary Recommendation - Georgia Lt. Governor

  • Angela was appointed to serve on the Executive Board of Directors for the YMCA Academy of South DeKalb where she upheld the mission and vision of the YMCA, supported program operations, and ensured the financial health and effective community relations of the two academies.


  • As educational chair for the nationally acclaimed American Business Women's Association, Angela's main objective was to award scholarships to young college-bound women by promoting educational values.


  • Angela is passionate about organizations that offer LIFE services selflessly to the community and advocates when and where she can for such local non-profits as Hosea Feed The Hungary & Homeless and Be Someone and serves as an Ambassador for the international organization of UNICEF which, puts "children first."


A Democratic life:


"I have always been a vocal advocate for the bare-bone principles of Democracy.

 I pride myself on the ability to abandon my own will for the greater good

regardless of party affiliation" 

  • Angela is a Chairman's award-winning member of the DeKalb Democratic Party and has worked in local, statewide, and national campaigns.


  • Angela served as the chair for the 92nd House District under the leadership of honorable State Representative Pamela Stephenson 


  • Angela served as the chair for Senate District 43 of the advisory committee for the 43rd Senate district under the leadership of the honorable State Senator Steen Miles. In this, Angela was involved directly with the community and their concerns and assisted the Senator in community-involved programs throughout the Senate district. 

  • Angela served as the 1st Communications chair for DeKalb County's Democratic party. 

Angela stepped out on faith as the very first 'Woman of Color' to pursue the office of Georgia's Secretary of State.  Angela says it was an honor to engage in the state-wide election for Democracy where she met the warm embrace of people from all political backgrounds and faiths with whom she continues her friendships.


Standing on the shoulders of so many honorable men and women who serve and have served the great state of Georgia, Angela considers it an honor to work beside the legislative body for the office that she now holds.


 Angela’s focus as the Representative from the 91st district is to continue

"Fostering Excellence" to her constituents.


"Georgia's On Her Mind"

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Standing Legislative Committees:

Angela's Affiliations, Past & Present


  • Senate Advisory Chair - 43rd District

  • DeKalb Democratic Party - 92nd (Now the 90th) House District Chair

  • DeKalb Democratic Party - Communications Chair

  • Democratic Party of Georgia- State Committee member

  • Betwixt N Between Foundation - Founder

  • Georgia Farm Bureau - Member

  • NCNW-DeKalb Chapter

  • County Line United Methodist Church - Member


  • American Business Women's Association - Educational Chair

  • National Assoc. of Notary Publics


  • National Assoc. of Female Executives

  • National Black Boaters Club of America

  • Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce

  • League of Black Women 

  • UNICEF United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund

  • South DeKalb Neighborhood Coalition

  • Communication Workers of America



  • DeKalb Democratic Party

  • YMCA Childcare Academy - Executive Board Member

  • DeKalb Regional Youth Detention Center – Board Member

  • Advance Career Institute - Advisory Board

  • Georgia Medical Institute - Advisory Board 

Political Training

  • The White House Project- Georgia Debate Boot Camp

  • The White House training project 

  • Kennesaw State Candidate Training Program 

  • Emily's List Political Opportunity Training Program 


Awards & Recognitions

  • US Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award for Volunteerism

  • State of Georgia Goodwill Ambassador- Georgia Sec. of State

  • Democratic Chairmen's Award - DeKalb Democratic Party 

  • Resolution - GA House of Representatives #HD92

  • Exemplary Recommendation - Georgia Lt. Governor

  • Atlanta's Hottest Publicist 2016 & 17 & 18

  • The MAYAN Award- 2015

  • The Bavarlee Bernstein Award - 2013 &14


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