Hailing from a family that is steeped in rich values of education, military, and public service for as long as I can remember, I know your concerns are the same as mine for our district's communities and I want you and me to work together.
Healthcare and our children's education, are and have been priorities for every community.  Our natural resources and that of quality of life are at the forefront at every turn. Now more than ever we to LIVE not merely survive under constant stress.  With nearly 3 decades of business, political and community, and volunteerism experience, I know 1st hand what it takes to build relationships across the divide, navigate the complicated, and work with others to get things done for the greater good.
But I can't do this alone. I am confident that to form a more perfect union between the 3 counties and the state of Georgia, you and I together, will make an excellent team!"       
There are many unique issues in every community, city by city. My passion lies in helping my fellow persons when and where I can. Rather than spew blinded issues at the onset of this campaign, I have decided to listen to the constituents of the district and formulate what really matters during these difficult and very trying times.  Please check back soon as more and more communities and associations are reaching out to me to lay their concerns on the table, and trust me, in these few short days of this election, they are pouring in.
What we do know is of importance is that:
  • Access to Affordable Health Care is on the table  
  • Affordable Housing is on the table
  • Employment is on the table
  • Business retention and reemergence is on the table
  • Access to Quality Education is on the table
  • Criminal Justice is on the table
  • Community & Environmental Safety is on the table
  • Transportation is on the table

* For me, Economic Development means education in all forms.


As we are seeing at the onset of this pandemic, our essential workers are many of those who have not considered a traditional 4-year college career but rather have chosen a Technical college.


As your Representative, I would push for funding for our Technical schools where tuition would be free. These are our state and communities' 1st lines of defense;  Auto mechanics, Nurse Aids', Beauty, and Barbers as well as other essential fields. When we speak of economic development, these are the first people to bolster our economy and market productivity as well as the first to open their own business.  I op to push hard for our front lines through education as our new form of plausible Economic Development. 

 *The New Social JusticeI would like to introduce legislation to Amend the use of

No-knock Warrants


Georgia has a history of several cases of death and injuries resulting from the use of the no-knock warrants and in some cases, police are not held liable.

  • We remember the murder of 92-year-old Kathryn Johnson.

  • We remember the serious burns and injuries of a baby, with a flashbang thrown in his playpen,

  • We remember the elderly African American man's home that was severely damaged and he handcuffed...wrong house, no-knock warrant entry.

As a human rights issue, I would seek support across the aisle, by forming a committee of, and engaging Police Cheifs, Sherriffs', District Attorneys, and Judges of Georgia along with the support of the Legislative Black caucus by holding public hearings around the state!

And Some Things Never Change:
Civil and Human Rights


Voting Rights 

Angela supports the rights of all individuals to vote, free of undue burden or harassment.


Minnesota has consistently led the nation in voter turnout, without evidence of fraud. This is made possible because of Minnesota’s election laws, which Angela believes should serve as a model for the rest of the country.


Angela will suggest legislation to extend Minnesota’s model to the Georgia, making Election Day voter registration the law of the land. Angela opposes any requirements which restrict the ability of thousands to vote, particularly seniors, college students, and minorities. She believes voting is a civil right and will support amendments to enshrine the right to vote per the Constitution.


LGBT Equality 

Angela is a tireless advocate for equal human and civil rights to include gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender persons.  Angela supports marriage rights and responsibilities to same-sex couples. She opposes discrimination of any form.  


Angela also agrees with the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, a bill that protects employees based on their real or perceived sexual orientation.


Angela will push to add gender identity to any law, which would provide additional protections for the rights of thousands of Georgian's.


Workers’ Rights 

Raising the minimum wage is essential to restoring the economic mobility of all Americans and rebuilding the middle class. Too many Americans are living in poverty even while working full time, but helping to raise wages will level the playing field. Angela views raising the minimum wage as a civil right.


Gun Violence 

Angela supports the law that prevents dangerous weapons from falling into the hands of violent criminals.


Stronger background check systems will help to ensure that violent individuals, domestic abusers, murderers, or the criminally insane are not able to buy guns.


Angela also believes in limiting the amount of deadly ammunition that guns can hold in a single magazine because there is no justifiable civilian purpose for firing dozens of rounds without stopping.