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"We the People"to form a more perfect union...

Maybe you remember adorable 13-year-old Lil Pootah-da-Young-One from my past election. He did the official campaign jam. 


The positive hip-hoppers' musical talents and support for civic participation drove him at just 13 to write, direct, produce, and perform the music entitled "VOTE 4 MISS ANGELAwhich drove everyone nuts and saw him on every major news outlet across the country. 


Mr. Matthews is a Georgia public school graduate now, a father and husband, and continues on his path in the entertainment arts. I was so very proud of his work and I remain the same today. It bears repetition, again and again, and again.

"Angela Moore has always been supportive of my issues as an LGBT American. She has shared my sorrows in defeat and my joy in victory. She has been a caring and sincere friend. I have no doubt that she will stand up for my rights with courage, conviction, and determination in the Georgia General Assembly."

- Sgt. Danny Ingram, National President Emeritus, American Veterans for Equal Rights, and LGBT Veterans Service Organization

"Angela surely is seeking a seat as State Representative so that she can continue to focus on the people of her community in an official capacity regardless of party affiliation." She is a kind and caring businesswomen and pillar of our community and we know, she will make us all proud - Charles & Nancy Meeks

"Angela is and has always been a great supporter of Children and education and will make a great State Representative." - Helen Williams, Georgia Educator

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