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State Senate Candidate Announces Press Conference

“This is a PREEMPTIVE STRIKE and Unfair Play on the part of the Rockdale Co. Democratic Party”

Rockdale Co., GA- October 15, 2015: Angela Moore today announced that she will hold a Press Conference in response to the Rockdale Democratic Party’s actions to shun her from a party debate.

The Rockdale County Democratic Party announced a forum for candidates who are engaged in the special election for the State Senate race within the 43rd district of Georgia which shall ensue November 3, 2015.

This forum has excluded long time Democrat, Angela Moore. The party chair, Elaine Davis-Nickens says that Moore is listed as “Non-Partisan” in this election and as such, declined an invitation to Moore saying she is not a Democrat.

"I have been a Democrat all my life. I have honorable served my county party as a state committee member, as the house district chair and as communications chair. I am the recipient of the acclaimed Chairman’s award for my hard work and dedication to my party,”​ Moore says.

Moore goes on to say that “In this particular contest, which is a “special” election for the Senate seat vacated by former Senator Ramsey, the law provides that “This special election shall be nonpartisan, and no political party shall conduct for the purpose of nominating candidates for such Senate election: § 21-2-54e .“

Immediately after qualifying, Moore pinned a blog entitled “What The What!?! Miss Angela runs as a Non-partisan in a partisan Election!? What? ,“ on her website to make clear to her constituents’ what was provided under the law.

"That doesn't mean the candidate members have no part​y affiliations. It simply means that there will be NO party designation on the ballot and, is designed to #1- save money for the counties as far as balloting is concerned as well as the state and, #2- promote impartiality. I believe there is merit of responsibility here."

Moore says she was "vetted by the Rockdale party via a questionnaire which she was asked to return without delay and considers this a PREEMPTIVE STRIKE and Unfair Play on the part of the Rockdale Co. Democratic Party. After speaking with the party chair, I was informed that I was NOT on the democratic ticket and that the invitations had been sent out.” ​At his point, Moore informed the party chair that she would challenge her decision.

Moore has planned a press conference on this issue TBA in the immediate future.


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