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What The What!?! Miss Angela runs as a Non-partisan in a partisan Election!? What?

“This special election shall be nonpartisan, and no political party shall conduct for the purpose of nominating candidates for such Senate election.”

Ask any kid who's played Monopoly—if the banker isn't a fair one, the whole outcome of the game can change.

That can lead to two different conclusions: either the kids come up with a fair set of rules or everyone fights to be banker the next game.

When it comes to elections, voters have long struggled with a similar problem: Who should we vote for? Rather than investing your one precious vote in a partisan solution, for the most part, the parties have fought to be the banker—or in this case, the state Senator.

This special election cycle while qualifying, there was a choice: Republican, Democrat or Nonpartisan. I chose to run “Nonpartisan.”

That doesn't mean the candidate members have no party affiliations. It simply means that there will be NO party designation on the ballot and, is designed to #1- save money for the counties as far as balloting is concerned as well as the state and, #2- promote impartiality.

I believe there is merit of responsibility here.

Running as a “Nonpartisan” will not prevent me from representing you, regardless of

We typically do not ask our educators or our doctors which party they belong to before we allow them to practice their works and this special election of non party designation of “NONPARTISAN” will allow you to see me, the candidate, as I am and.

I hope you, as a voter, can appreciate that.

November 3 Special election candidates:

Diana AdomaParty

Affiliation: Republican

Tonya P. Anderson

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Marcus JordanParty

Affiliation: Democratic

William “Bill” Kennedy

Party Affiliation: Republican

Angela Moore

Party Affiliation: Non-Partisan (

Sharon Griffin Sawyer

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Rodney Upton

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Janice Frey Van Ness

Party Affiliation: Republican

Sherri L. Washington

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Stan Williams

Party Affiliation: Democratic

Here are the legalities:


… No party designation or affiliation shall appear beside the name of any candidate for a special nonpartisan election. ...In the event that no candidate in such nonpartisan election receives a majority of the total votes cast for such office, there shall be a nonpartisan election runoff…

In the event that nonpartisan candidates are to be placed on a run-off ballot, the form of the ballot shall be as prescribed by the Secretary of State or election superintendent in essentially the same format as prescribed for the nonpartisan election. The candidate having a majority of the votes cast in the nonpartisan election runoff shall be declared duly elected to such office.


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